How to Cum Like a Racehorse

How to Cum Like a Racehorse


Author: Bats and Glamour

Time goes by. So, you're not 18 anymore, so what? The hair may be thinning, gray or both, but that's OK, if the sexual spirit is still willing.

As we get older, our sexual performance often begins to lag. We can't cum as often or as perhaps as voluminously, and hope we're still doing the job. Making love to the same women for 18 or 20 years may not help – but it may not be worth giving up the house, kids and savings to have better sex.

So how can you spice up both your performance and therefore your sex life? Here are some answers from the archives of the real world.

Challenge: She's tired, or seemingly not interested in sex.

Solution: Try Erotic Literature and Movies .

Speaking of porn; let me tell you a true story from a few years back. My wife had never seen a professional adult video. The only ones I had seen, as I recall, were on a Super-8 projector with a bunch of horny teens.

A buddy of mine from work lent me a few of his videos. I just couldn't wait to get home that Friday. My underpants were getting tight just thinking about it. I told my wife about them and she agreed to watch with me. She was curious as well. The first video we put on was the original "Taboo" with Kay Parker.

I'll tell you, that video wasn't on for long before my wife exploded with desire. No kidding – before I knew it, she was sucking my cock with a ferocity I'd never had with her. The video just pushed her buttons. We fucked like crazy that night – crazier than ever. It was wonderful. We've had many such nights since.

Take my advice, let the erotica do its job and get out of the way!

One thing, there's a lot of lousy porn out there. Instead of turning you both on, it can put you both to sleep. Plus, the videos in the rental shops usually stink, chosen for their box cover which often cost more to make than the movie itself. Buy your own, and before you do, check out the Internet for a review of the video or DVD. They will even suggest vendors to buy online, which saves you money, embarrassment and is the easiest thing in the world to do. Plenty to stream out there as well.

For starters though, try; Taboo with Kay Parker, Fade to Black with Taylor Hayes, Bad Wives with Dianne Lauren, Nothing to Hide, Justine 2 (my favorite) with Roxanne blaze. Flashpoint with Jenna Jameson, The Dinner Party (excellent) with Celeste.

Arousal aside, another benefit of watching adult videos is for both of you to learn new techniques and positions. My baby might never have tried anal without first seeing it on video.

One caveat: these guys are not hiring necessarily for their acting ability but for their, er, plumbing. Don't compare yourself to them – it's pointless.

Challenge: You can't fill a shot glass with cum anymore.

Solution: First of all, does it matter? Are you in any contests?

But OK, let's say it's a matter of pride. Let's stipulate to your desire to pull out and impress her with your river of semen. Here's a trick that will work, giving you plenty of ammo for when you're ready to unleash the artillery:

Masturbate a few hours before you plan to have sex, but stop when you come close to the point of ejaculating. The sizable amount of semen produced by your prostate and seminal vessels will still be there a few hours later. Then when you do actually ejaculate during sex, you'll have your normal amount of semen in addition to the extra amount you built up masturbating – a double dose. Better have a towel nearby.

By the way, if the problem is low testosterone, which it probably isn't, your doctor can supply you with supplements, in the form of an injection or even a patch. Either one can significantly increase your rate of semen production.

Challenge: It takes a little too long before you're ready for action again.

Solution: Share a glass of wine or a cocktail with your lover. Alcohol has been shown to increase the arousal signals between your brain and your cock. Hold on though; one drink is enough. More may have the opposite effect by depressing your nervous system, making it more difficult to get an erection.

By the way, if you intend to have a night of passion, hold off on the "self-love" for a while. If you can stifle your masturbation for at least a few days and up to a week, you will not only be hornier than all get out, you'll have built up your stamina. You'll ejaculate more semen and have a shorter refractory period. But then, you probably knew that, right? Then get your hand off of there!

Challenge: You go from kissing to fucking in 5 minutes, and you're not floating her boat.

Solution: To start, remember that her breasts are the center of the universe, a direct link to "Orgasm Central." I've made a women cum by circling her nipples with my finger while we kissed, then coming in for a landing my gently squeezing her nipples during and after licking them. Believe it. Play with her breasts and she'll have wet underpants. Caution: some women's breasts are super-sensitive, so be gentle until you get to know what she likes.

Next: Here is one thing that you definitely will learn from the porn pros: vary your position. Missionary is fine to start if you like, but it doesn't hit the clit well unless you ride her high. Roll her over and try doggie, which lets you drive in real deep. Lay down yourself and let her get on top. Chances are, your cock will hit her pelvic floor, which can give her an intense orgasm – that's a fact. And while she's up there, gently massage her breasts. She'll be in la-la-land and think you're the lover of the century.

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