Author: Robert Reams

First, you must know how to locate and stimulate your lover's clitoris. If you have not quite gotten this far in your sexual education, I will here provide a quick review.

The clitoris is much easier to locate if your lover is already sexually excited. If you do not know how to sexually excite your lover at all, I probably cannot help you.

Basically, your lover's external pussy consists of two layers of 'lips'. The outer lips (labia majora) are thick and covered with hair. On young women and those with little or no sexual experience, the inner, second layer of 'lips' (labia minora) may not be at all visible unless the outer lips are spread, or the woman reaches a certain level of excitement, or both.

Many factors can affect the look and feel and elasticity of these two sets of lips: a woman's age, her level of sexual activity, her level of sexual excitement; one or more pregnancies and deliveries, to name a few. The inner lips of her pussy may range from totally un-visible, to protruding several inches outside the inner lips. These inner lips are often darker in color and more wrinkled in appearance. They also fill with blood and darken with the rise in sexual stimulation. Excellent photos and Illustrations of the organs and structures of a woman's body pertinent to this discussion can be found on Wikipedia.

At the upper extremity of the inner. or minor,lips, there is a tight flap of tissue commonly called the clitoral hood, I usually refer to this structure as the female foreskin, for when it is retracted it exposes the tiny head of the clitoris. This organ, the clitoris, can vary as widely in size as the male penis. It can also increase in size by the type and amount of stimulation it receives. At the beginning of her sexual life, a woman's clitoris may appear very tiny and be extremely sensitive, even painful if manipulated roughly. (somewhat like the head of the male penis, but even more sensitive) In the same way that a male penis head becomes desensitized through the mutilation of circumcision and years of exposure to the rough texture of clothing, the female clitoris may become less sensitive through use. In many countries, it is common to also desensitize female clitorises through the ritual mutilation of circumcision. Like the penis head, the clitoris can be somewhat desensitized by constant or frequent stimulation. This can be a good thing because many women report their clits are simply too sensitive for prolonged, continuous or rough contact. However, through years of stimulation, the clit can be desensitized and may often become larger overall, the visible portion even measuring up to one or even one-and-one half inches in length in some cases.

What is important is that what most people perceive to be the clitoris is merely the external head of the clit, the body of which extends into the inner vaginal wall. This organ's inner and outer portions grow and fill with blood during arousal, much like the male penis. This fact is very important and may be the reason why many women report strong clitoral orgasms, even through only intercourse.

For the proper location and stimulation of the G-spot, or female prostate, it is important that proper stimulation with fingers, lips, tongue and even facial hair first be applied to and around the clitoris. Much lubrication is required! For me, saliva works best. The man (or other lover) will know when the clit and g-spot are being successfully stimulated because the fluid emanating from the woman will be vastly increased.

The point that should be thoroughly stimulated for maximum g-spot arousal is immediately inside the vagina, behind the clitoris and urethra. Stimulation of this area should at first be approached very cautiously. The woman may report what she feels as a strong need to urinate. This is because several glands which ejaculate their contents during g-spot orgasm discharge their fluids through the urethra, and because the entire area fills with blood during intense arousal, which puts additional pressure on the urethra.

Now as to technique.

For starters, hold your palm up in front of you. Flex your middle finger. Now see if you can touch the base of your lifeline, (the crease which runs around the muscular base of your thumb) with the tip of your middle finger. This is basically the movement you will need to stimulate the g-spot. With the middle or middle two fingers inserted in your lover's vagina (depending upon her size and level of arousal) try to tap the base of your thumb with your fingers. I find this motion wonderfully easy when I lie beside her and kiss her.

If you arrange your position correctly, and practice, you can become deft at rubbing your lover's clitoris with the base of your thumb and her g-spot and the (by now, hopefully swollen) inside portion of her clitoris with your finger(s). The motion should be basically the action of one hand clapping. Once her juices really begin to flow, you can hold your fingers tight on the swollen spot within her, the base of your hand tight on her exterior clit and slide repeatedly upward as if trying to lift her by a handle, squeezing and lifting simultaneously.

Do not be surprised if your lover squirts copious amounts of fluid all over your wrist and forearm at about this point, but do not stop this motion until she begs you to. Once she begins to ejaculate, it is a great time to enter her with your penis or dildo; she will never be hotter or readier. If you practice all these moves together, her g-spot will learn to grow and swell so that if you position yourselves properly, you will be able to repeatedly bump her g-spot with the head of your penis (or dildo), providing clitoral, vaginal and g-spot stimulation all at once, rewarding yourself with wet thighs, belly and balls. For those women whose breasts play an important role, stimulation can be provided in that area at the same time

One caution. The fluid she ejaculates may have a faint, or even a strong odor of urine, may even contain small amounts of urine, (It is after all, being discharged through her urethra which leads from her bladder.), her ejaculate will almost certainly contain a certain amount of a chemical also contained in urine. Also, it is not uncommon for contractions during g-spot orgasms to be so strong that evacuation of he bladder and/or rectum may actually occur in some individuals. But what the heck? Don't you want her to cum so hard she. . . well, you get the idea.

If your lover is very young, and/or very inexperienced sexually, it may take a very long time for you to acclimate to each other. Communication is the key. I do not suggest that you try these procedures on a one-night-stand you have never or scarcely met. The response from those who do not know or trust you may be one of dislike or even terror. Care and caution and tenderness are called for to develop the necessary trust she needs to allow you to manipulate her body in a way that may seem strange to her and a bit frightening.

There may be women out there who can stimulate their own g-spots, but I have never met one. It may be nearly as difficult for a woman to reach the proper spots from her angle as it is for a man to give himself a blow job. Hoorah for togetherness.

It should be noted that once a woman learns how to ejaculate, she may be able to do so, from one or two fingers touching the proper places within her, while your tongue and lips stimulate her clit. If you reach this level of trust and intimacy, you may be rewarded by your woman ejaculating in your face, a rare treat!

However, if you follow these directions, I guarantee that when you find the proper spot and learn to apply the proper pressure, you will both know immediately. Chances are good she will make a sound she has never, or rarely made before. Chances are also good that her response time from zero to orgasm, even ejaculation, will be greatly reduced,

The added advantage to this, basically sensitization of your lover's female prostate, is that even if you are a quick shooter, you can bring her to several orgasms before you lose it. How to train yourself not to be a quick shooter, may be the topic of a future how-to article.

Gains made in sexual response from g-spot manipulation seem to be permanent. The area will respond by growing more sensitive and by a larger area becoming responsive. I know at least one woman whose response to stimulation of the g-spot area has caused her sensitive area to grow to approximately three square inches, making it all the more easy to bring her to g-spot ejaculations.

In summary, The g-spot, or female prostate, is located behind the clitoris, inside your lover's vagina. Several glands there, Skein's gland and Bertholin's gland, for example, discharge their contents through the para urethral glands during the phenomenon of female ejaculation.

Many scientists and other doubters claim these structures and responses do not exist. To them I say: something squirts out of women under certain reproducible conditions. Whatever it is that is ejaculated, it is accompanied by intense contractions and extreme orgasms. The phenomenon can be repeated almost indefinitely, with copious amounts of ejaculate reported on each subsequent orgasm.

Other scientists have abandoned older terms and have decided to use the term, 'female prostate' to describe an organ they believe truly exists.

Let us assume, for the sake of argument only, that these extreme contractions and orgasms are not female ejaculations, but actually are causing the woman to piss herself. I say, "oh well, she orgasmed so hard she pissed herself." This is terrible? I don't think so!

Above all, caring, loving caresses before, during and after. Loving kisses, loving and tender touches are called for. Remember, the primary sex organ is the brain. Love, trust, and communication are the keys.

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