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A Five-Course Menu


For the Most Creative Sex Of Your Life


Use Daily


Hors D'oeuvres



Rub each other's shoulders, back, legs, feet, or head. Or give a full body massage. Add lotion, feathers, brushes, fingernails, and other accessories. Happy ending found in Soups and Salads.


During the day, send messages about what you plan to do to your lover or what you are imagining them doing to you. Send naughty photos or make short teasing videos.

Phone Sex

Call and whisper to your lover what dirty things you want to do to them and what you are doing to yourself as you talk.

Play Wrestle

Start on all fours facing each other and see who can pin the other first. If you enjoy being pinned, you may enjoy other domination treats.

Lunch Buddies

Take your partner lunch and give them something to think about all day. If you can't make it to them, pack their lunch and leave a naughty message or picture in their lunchbox.

No Underwear

Make a pact with your partner: no underwear for an entire day. Pictures must be taken to prove it throughout the day!

Dirty Date

Take your partner to a strip club, burlesque club, or drag show because deep down we are all voyeurs.

Strip Poker

Winner gets to decide what to do next.

Dirty Dancing

Slow swaying or fast salsa, rub your bodies together and build up friction and tension.

Sexy Dip

In a pool at night or a hot tub during the day, it can be thrilling to get sexy outside.

Read a Naughty Story

Read erotica together. If it's hot enough, you can roleplay the story.

Write a Naughty Story

Write some erotica together as a couple or write one for your partner that you want to act out. It could even be something the two of you have done already. What are some fantasies you like but would never act out? Turn them into stories you can use.

Watch a Naughty Movie

It doesn't have to be a pornhub video. You can watch one rated R with good sex scenes.

Make a Naughty Movie

Make a movie of yourselves (with the other's consent). You can be cheesy and give it a very thin plot, or you can video it from the point of view of a voyeur. Pull out costumes and either write a script or make up one as you go along.

Sexy Shopping

Build up a toy chest of sex toys and a closet of naughty clothes to always keep things interesting. Online shopping limits your ability to touch and try things out, but there's more variety and choices.

Lap Dance

Watch "how to" videos to learn how to give your partner a proper lap dance. Set it to music and select the right outfit to show off your assets.

Strip Tease

Perform a strip tease to get each other in the mood. Costumes optional.

Making Out

Go back to the early days and just make out on the couch. Don't force each other to home plate. There are lots of fun places to make out: backseat of a car, back of the movie theater, between the stacks in a library, and so on.

Question Game

Ask your lover to answer questions. If they get the answer right, they get a reward. If they don't, they get a punishment. The questions can be serious, sexy, personal, or trivial.


With your lover blindfolded, feed them, touch them, talk to them. The other senses will be heightened. Then move on to the main course!

No Peeking!

Watch from outside as your partner undresses (with consent, of course!).

Shower Time

Take a hot shower and soap up every inch of each other. Get squeaky clean, relax your sore muscles, then go get dirty.

Picture This

Take sexy pictures of your partner and let them take pictures of you so you both have something to look at later.

Spank Me

Use your hand, a riding crop, paint stirrer, spatula, or a flogger. The more you spank, the wetter and harder they can get.

Lingerie Fashion Show

Go shopping for lingerie and then model them at home.

Bubble Bath

Take a bubble bath together. Pour two glasses of wine and light some candles. Add music for added effect.


Go to a normal store and buy something that can be used as a sex toy.

Tie Me Up and Tease Me

Wherever, whenever, however you can use two to four pieces of rope. Tease with light touch, then soft kisses that head toward but then drift away from sensuous areas. Bring your partner to the brink of pleasure then tease them by making them wait. Then move on to Main Courses.

Finger Oral

Lick and suck your man's fingers the way you will suck his cock or lick and flick your lady's fingers (two side by side forming a slit) as if you were between her legs. Make them beg beg beg for you to go down on them.

Foot/Toe Blow Job

Give your man a sexy foot bath. After they are soft and clean, suck his toes like you plan to suck his cock.

Temperature Play

Touch them with ice then let it melt over their body. Pour or drip warm candle wax over them. Warm some massage oil to give a sensual massage.

Tattoo You

Use water-based markers or paint markers that will easily wash off. Tattoo each other with each other's names, etc.

Body Buffet

Take turns eating food off of the other's naked body. Comes with your choice of possible dishes: whipped cream, melted chocolate, warm caramel, hot fudge, honey, peanut butter, strawberries, or grapes. Other requests will be honored. Served on the dining room table.


Appetizers (aka Sex In Public)


Pick Me Up

A theme night begins with picking your partner up from a bar as if you did not know them . . . . stay in character.

Interstate Fun

Whoever drives gets to be distracted.

Back Row Show

Served from the back row of a movie theater.

Meet me in the Dressing Room

Take your partner to the dressing room at a fine clothing outlet . . . or the hunting and tackle store. Whichever floats your boat. No sex, just to third base.


Soups and Salads (Oral)


Oral Sex for the Lady


Face sitting

Sitting with legs thrown over arms of chair

Oral Sex for the Gentleman

Woman kneeling

Man sitting (play boss/secretary!)

Man on top, straddling her face

Oral for Both

69--Man on top or woman on top

Both on their sides

Snooze Button Smorgasboard

Torture your lover with pleasure until the snooze goes off then it's your turn to be teased. How many times can you hit the button before some cums?

Prostate Massage


Tell your person how they should masterbate themselves

Tell your person how they should masterbate you

Help each other simultaneously masterbate

Watch your partner masterbate

Watch each other masterbate themselves

Play Date

Play with the toys in your toybox! Vibrators, dildos, nipple clamps, cock rings, paddles, lotions, oils, handcuffs . . . Suitcases make great toy boxes because you can lock them, and they come in different sizes to accommodate your collection!


Main Courses


"Falling in Love" Sex

Heavy on the kissing and soft touching. Work in romantic talk. Remember when you fell in love.

"Good Morning, Sexy"

When your partner is still asleep but needs to wake up. Formerly known as the less sexy "Hey. You awake?" Sex accompanied with an elbow nudge.

"Naughty Girl" Sex

The ladies' dominant choice entirely. Cowgirl-style, forceful demands for you to worship her pussy, and she cums first and as many times as she wants!

"Naughty Boy" Sex

The gentleman's dominant choice. You have to worship his cock, do it doggy-style, give a long hot blow job, and he cums first!

"Redeem Yourself" Sex

Save this for when one of you has said or done something bad and needs some punishment. Lots of spankings, hair-pulling, and no talking back!

"Drunk and Dirty" Sex

Because every lover should wake up wearing their partner's underwear at least once.

"Make Up" Sex

Rated the highest on the "Hot" scale as well as "Communion" scale. Misunderstandings and arguments will come, so take advantage of the situation. ("Break Up, Make Up" Sex can be equally thrilling if you are willing to role play an argument and break up.)

"You Going to Make Me?" Sex

When your lover is being a brat and you just need to take charge: shove her down onto the mattress, tear off her panties, and lick the shit out of her until she complies; or shove him against the wall, yank off his pants, and give him a mind-blowing blowjob until he complies.

"You Need an Attitude Change" Sex

Somebody is being a twat and needs an attitude adjustment in the form of a little attention and a mindblowing orgasm.

"I've Had a Shitty Day and I Need to Relieve Some Stress" Sex

No need for foreplay. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

"Special Occasion" Sex

Birthday sex has to come with a present for the birthday girl or boy--a sex toy, a special favor, or something else. Anniversary sex has to come with a romantic gesture of some sort--a love letter, a poem, or special gift.


Yes, please, and thank you!


Side Dishes



Intended to Enhance Your Meal


Make a Movie

Video all or parts of your session.

Role Play

One of you is a nurse and one of you is a wounded patient needing lots of special care.

One of you is a high school student who needs extra credit and the other is the teacher.

One of you is the escort and the other is lonely and very shy.

One of you is a masseuse who gives happy endings.

One of you is a stripper and the other has a pocket full of $1s.

One of you is a doctor and the other is a patient who needs a very thorough check up.

One of you is a police officer the other has to get out of that speeding ticket.

He's a handyman and you are an undersexed housewife.

Kidnap your partner. You may engage in rough play or loving kidnapper.

Blackmail your partner and make them pay in sexual favors.

Make your partner beg for sex as if they haven't had sex in years.

Make your partner pay money for each sex act. (Or they can pay for chores they don't want to do.)

Pretend to be teenagers and play Spin the Bottle and have fun in the closet together for five minutes.

For Large Groups

For those who have never had a threesome or aren't sure how to go about it, pay a visit to a brothel or a sex party (play party).


Desserts In the Afterglow


Breathing. Twisting your legs together. Holding hands. Laying in each other's arms. Running your hands over their body and through their hair. Sweet talk. Compliments.


Have your lover retell what the two of you just did, but have them tell it as if they were telling their best friend. Super sexy!

"Make me a sandwich"

Fix each other something healthy like fruit or veggies to enjoy after your session. Definitely hydrate!

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