Sex Story: Pajama Party Wife Swap

Pajama Party Wife Swap


Pajama Party Wife Swap


My husband Max and I, dressed in our pajamas, headed to the pajama party down in the sex club’s finished basement. Max was in plaid bottoms and a t-shirt while I wore a cute pink satin pajama top and matching shorts. My nipples were hard. My brown hair bounced around my shoulders as we wandered downstairs. It seemed like everybody was down here in a pile of fourteen pajama wearing adults spread out on the floor in a sea of blankets, sleeping bags and bean bags nibbling on buckets of popcorn as they watched the ancient porno. Deep Throat was playing on the six by thirteen foot screen affixed to the wall. Max and I scooped up a bucket of popcorn and with drinks and popcorn in hand, we sauntered towards the group. Tom and Ann, a couple we were interested in playing with, were snuggled together propped up on a bean bag. Ann, with her black hair and deep blue eyes and her clean cut blonde husband, Tom looked over and waved for us to join them. Max and I uttered, ‘excuse me’ as we tiptoed over bodies to settle down upon the sleeping bag strewn on the floor. Max pulled up the bean bag behind us. He threw is arm around my shoulder as we settled back to watch the show. I was lying so close to Ann, dressed in a black tank top adorned with skull and bones and a pair of men’s cotton tighty whities. She was kind of a goth girl. Both my husband and I find her quite attractive. Her legs were so long and beautiful Tom looked relaxed in grey pajama bottoms and an Eddie Bauer t-shirt. We were so cozy together, melded in a puddle of flannel wearing adults.

I whispered to Ann, “Did we miss much?”

Ann whispered, “Apparently, a doctor said that the reason she can’t cum is because her clit is in her throat.”

I looked aghast in disbelief before snickering and then returned my attention to the screen to watch Linda Lovelace suck a cock. Then I looked back into the crowd to watch a blonde woman jerking off her husband as he watched the faded film playing on the screen. Tom turned to Ann with a lustful look on his face. He placed his big hand on her creamy thigh and she spread her legs. His fingers inched towards her heat. Ann didn’t react as he fingered her underwear. She kept watching the screen as the porn star took another guy in her mouth. Tom’s fingers pulled back the underwear’s leg hole elastic. His finger pulled back her labia. Her juicy pink clit sprang from her open pussy lips. Ann squirmed as Tom bent over to lick it. Watching them made me hot. I suddenly felt embarrassed staring at them and returned my gaze to the screen. I glanced over at Max. He was watching Tom and Ann.

When the movie ended, and the second one began, Tom looked over and us and whispered, “You guys want to come to our room? We brought an eighteen year old bottle of Glenfiddich.”

Max and I looked at each other. I waited for Max to make the final determination. He stood up and hauled me up with him. Tom helped Ann up and together, we made our way out of the basement. As we passed a mounted rack of whips and riding crops, Tom grabbed a flogger from the wall before we made our way upstairs. We followed them for a couple of doors down the hall before Tom dug the room key from his pocket and opened the door. The men let us enter first. Their room was bigger than ours. Ann slowly sashayed to open the French door and a rush of humid tropical air flowed into the chilled air conditioned room. Ann stripped her sleep shirt over her head and let it fall to the ground as she stepped out topless into the night shrouded terrace. One had to admire her perfect little butt in her quirky men’s underwear. I certainly did.

I sat on the bed’s edge as Tom tossed the black leather flogger onto the bed covers before reaching for the bottle of single malt scotch whiskey on the dresser. He poured us all shots. Ann returned to the bedroom where she accepted a glass of whiskey from her husband. He handed Max a glass. Tom had a horny look in his eyes which Max picked up right away.

Max said, “Bro, I’m strictly hetero.”

“Me too,” replied Tom, his voice heavy with lust. “But the girls don’t have be.”

Ann looked at me with those big blue eyes and sexy baby bow lips. She was down for anything. I felt myself blushing as we all raised our glasses in a toast. I sipped my drink. Its smoothness burned as it went down my throat. With my drink in hand, I scooted back to lean against the headboard. Tom picked up the flogger he had tossed on the bed. He handed it to Max who looked both confused and intrigued.

Tom leered at him and said, “My wife is a bit of a masochist. She likes her ass flogged.”

With that said, Tom crawled up to join me, settling against the headboard until we sat shoulder to shoulder. He threw his free arm around me to pull me close to his hard chest. I cuddled against him and sipped my drink. He smelled so good.

Ann took her position on the wall. With her topless backside to us, she spread her legs and placed her hands high upon the wall to stick out her waiting ass. Max smiled. He slapped the flogger’s leather lashes across the palm of his hand as Ann wiggled her impatient ass. Max and I aren’t really into S&M though we occasionally role play Viking invasion. He chases me around the house and ties me up before fucking me hard and silly. Tonight, I get to watch his inner sadist come out.

Max gave Ann’s ass a quick backhanded slap.

“Harder than that,” said Tom before sipping his drink. “She likes it hard.”

Typically, Max doesn’t like to be told what to do by any man. But he reared back his hand and delivered a harder whack to her ass. Ann’s body jerked from the blow but she didn’t utter a word. Though she moaned, her hands never left the wall. Max’s sadistic face told me that he was lost in the moment as he delivered another stinging lash to her butt. My panties between my legs was moist from my heat. Tom’s hand had crept to my shirt. His fingers tugged down my shirt until the breast popped out. He caressed its mound in his hard hand, never taking his sight off of his wife. Ann poked out her butt, like a cat in heat, wanting more. Max was in the mood to deliver. My breath became shallow as I watched Ann’s flogging, becoming more and more aroused. I didn’t even flinch when Tom bent his head to lick my sensitive nipple. He squeezed it before his tongue flicked over the other and my head sank back into the plush pillow as I stroked the sable soft hair on his bent head. I had closed my eyes for a few seconds, trying not to writhe when a loud swak! that made Ann yelp. I looked through my eyes, heavy from wanton desire, and watched Max draw the flogger. He swung it hard. It brutally landed on the back of her thighs and derriere. She looked over her shoulder, with her pretty contorted face and she bit back a cry through gritty teeth. Her fingers curled against the wall. Long pink marks were starting to raise on her tender, white skin. Max’s bulging manhood pressed against his pajamas. I was bubbling wet.

Tom raised up upon his knees to pull off my boy shorts. I raised my hips for him to yank them off and he tossed them to the ground. I reached over to tug at his pajama bottoms. His hard-on came bouncing out as he quickly shucked them off. He crawled over my body. His eyes were hooded with lust. He planted a pleasant open mouth kiss upon mine and I reciprocated. Our tongues tangoed with each other as Ann’s whipping went on. His hard-on pressed against my pussy lips until I spread my legs. His body hovered over mine.

He roughly said, “Put me inside of you.”

I took his hard shaft in my hand and guided him to my tight, warm hole. The tip of it prodded me and he looked me in my wide eyes as he thrusted it in. I threw my head back in rapture of a strange man inside of me.

“Ohhhh,” I moaned as he inched deeper inside of me.

My hands went to clutch his ass, urging her to go deeper. He was longer than Max and I swear it hit my cervix. I kissed his strong arms that I was trapped between over and over again, panting as I breathed. He was good at what he was doing and I arched my back and wrapped my legs around his hard hips.

He growled, “You like that, baby? You like that?”

“Yeeesss!” I cried out. “Yes, yes!”

He smiled in self-satisfaction as he kept going. I was matching his moves with my own, edging towards an orgasm when he suddenly withdrew. He dragged me up onto all fours to face our partners against the wall. Through my fallen hair, I watched as Max moved behind Ann still pressed against the wall. With the exception of her hands still high upon the wall, her body was covered with his as he caressed her hips. He reached into his pajama bottoms to take out his dick from and shoved it into her accommodating pussy. He bucked up hard into her, his ass clenching while he did. Ann balanced herself upon her tiptoes which threatened to leave the carpeted floor.

Tom penetrated me with such force that I closed my eyes, moaned, and placed my cheek upon the bed covers as he fucked me from behind. His balls slapped against my clit and my fingers dug into the bed cover as my breath was knocked from my lungs each time he pounded me doggy style. Tom’s fingers dug into my hips as he steadied me, slapping his flesh into me as I pitched forward from his banging. It began to hurt so leaned forward a little, but his hands dug into my hips and jerked me back into place as he continued his furious pace.

The bed bounced beside me and I turned to see Ann face down on the bed with her butt hanging over the edge. Her eyes were closed but her mouth was open into a silent ‘O’ as Max positioned himself to enter her from behind. His pajamas were now around his ankles. He held his stiff dick in his hand and spit on it twice before it disappeared under the crack of Ann’s butt.

She opened her eyes. Our eyes met. Our heads jostled towards each other from our husband’s relentless pounding. Her face is truly beautiful as it bounced from Max and I fell in love with it. And just as I began to climax, I leaned forward to kiss her. Her lips met mine and we fought to keep our lips together without bumping teeth. Her lips were so soft. Her husband’s dick was so hard and long and when she opened her lips to slip her tongue into my mouth, my clit jerked and my loins quivered uncontrollably as I came. I groaned into her mouth before breaking away in shame. I threw my head back as my sex clenched against Tom. He stopped to bend over me, brushed aside my hair and stuck his tongue in my ear.

“Ohh, uh, uh,” was all I uttered as all of my senses reacted to the orgasm with pounding in my ears, flashes of light in my closed eyes and muscles jerking down below.

It came as a shock when Tom stuck his thumb in my ass and my eyes flew open.

He murmured, “The night isn’t near over. We got a ways to go.”

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